Accounting Oversight

We do not provide bookkeeping services, but are available to oversee bookkeeping entries. We recommend you hire a trusted outside bookkeeper for those services.

Year-End Adjusting Journal Entries (included in all business returns)

Price $750 – $1,500

Monthly Reconciliation of Accounts

Price $500 – $1,500 per month

Payroll & 1099s

Our payroll services are very limited. We do not provide most payroll services. We recommend that you hire a payroll service provider unless your situation falls within any of the following categories.

Sole Shareholder S-Corp with set salary

Price $1,000/year

Services provided: Qrtly tax payment information, Qrtly & annual reporting

Quarterly & Annual reporting when regular payroll is prepared by you

Price $1,000/year

Property Taxes

Form 571-L

Price $500

Specific prices will be provided by quote once pertinent information is provided.