CPA Services

Tax Return Preparation

With the guidance of the client, we provide tax return preparation services and complete all required income tax filings. We work with the client to understand what is needed and then accurately prepare all tax returns on a timely basis. We stay up to date on all changes in the tax law and give advice as needed based on our experience.

Tax Planning

We work with clients throughout the year using projections and planning so that there are no surprises come tax time. We want to save our clients money, so we offer tax planning suggestions on how best to handle specific tax situations.


We offer limited accounting services. Our goal is to oversee your accounting systems and provide adjustments for your books on a predetermined basis. We also are available to offer suggestions on how to make your accounting system more efficient.

Financial Statement Presentations

When the need presents itself, either by a bank or insurance provider, we can provide financial statement presentations. We will work directly with you to gather all necessary information in order to prepare the statements.

Tax Audit Representation

Sometimes, audits happen due to no fault of the taxpayer or the tax preparer. If our clients are faced with an audit or inquiry from the taxing authorities, we work tirelessly to solve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will work directly with the client to gather all necessary information. Then we will provide tax audit representation services to represent the client in front of the taxing authorities in order to substantiate our tax position.